Signs That You're A Modern Day Hippie ✌️

The hippie counterculture of the 60s is often associated with long hair, free spirits, essential oils, colourful clothing (think DIY tie-dye, flower headbands, mandala prints) and their love for life, peace and freedom. They listened to Janis Joplin, and protested for peace and wore flowers in their hair. 
Nowadays, the signs of a modern day hippie aren't as stereotypical. Sure, you can still be all of the above, however being a hippie in this age is even more multi-faceted. 
Here are some signs that you may be a modern day hippie:
How you dress and look 
Modern hippies are not fussed about labels, or what’s on trend or in fashion. Instead, what is important to them is meaning and message. They’d rather be dressed in a tee, which portrays a message they believe in, or a colourful number from a thrift store that is full of life and memories.
Hippies also love being natural. That means wearing their hair as natural as possible and little to no makeup. They embrace essential oils in lieu of chemical deodorants and love comfortable footwear such as sandals, or bare feet where possible.
You love to love 
True to the core values at the heart of the hippie movement, modern hippies are truly empathetic. They love to love- starting with self-love and moving onto all those around them. They believe in empowering and inspiring other voices and being inclusive to the community surrounding them. A modern hippie’s compassion knows no bounds.
You are spiritual 
Akin to the values of peace and happiness, modern hippies are very in tune with their spiritual self. They seek to enrich their quality of life by spiritual satisfaction through a peaceful mind, body and soul. This is most often achieved through regular self-care and sessions of meditation and yoga.
Modern day hippies often believe in a higher power, which often guides them to be the best version of themselves. They often practice mindfulness and believe in living for the present.
You find yourself attuned to nature 
This is yet another trait passed down from the hippies of the 60s. Nature played a big part in the movement, with many protests against global warming and the pollution of rainforests. Modern day hippies are still attuned to their love for nature. They love the outdoors, the environment and animals. They often spend a lot of time outdoors, soaking in the sun and enjoying bike rides. If you’re always taking long walks outside or looking for causes and ways to help the environment, that is often a sign of a hippie!
You love adventure 
Hippies love to travel. The wanderlust bug is a sure-way to tell if someone is a modern day hippie! They love to explore every nook and cranny of the world and soak in the different cultures, sights and ways of life. A thirst for adventure and new sights is at the heart of the hippie spirit.
You choose organic
Much like their love for a more simplistic way of life, modern day hippies will often choose organic. Their choice of food is most often natural and is the reason why vegetarians and vegans often find themselves identifying with the hippie lifestyle.
You’ll find that a modern day hippie will have their own organic where they grow their own fruit and vegetables. Growing and nurturing their own produce allows them to be out in Mother Nature and creating a little peace of love.
You are a creative
Creativity fulfils a hippie on a deeper level. Whether it’s writing, painting creating music or baking, hippies love to express their soul in the best way you know how- by creating.


  • Honey Logan

    Yes, I would say i am a modern day hippie….

  • Margi

    I was also born in 1949 and grew up and embraced the lifestyle. College during the late 60s has impacted my entire life…..what a wonderful experience we embraced!
    It is so funny to me when my daughter refers to someone as a “free spirit”….I always just laugh and say there’s nothing wrong with that!

  • Ellen Louise CALE

    I was an will always be a hippie, not necessarily a modern day hippie, I don’t think I ever really left my hippie soul behind, it is who I am, it is my true self!!!

  • Kathy Dopfel

    Best Years of my life! Peace love and joy! Loved my life and Lynn Junior high in Las Drives New Mexico!

  • Norman Bristow

    So glad I found your site.
    I was so lucky to be born in Dec 1949, so grew up as a teenager during the most wonderful period of history.
    I embraced the Hippie ethos although not always the look, I still can’t grow a tash :D
    I just read through “Signs That You’re A Modern Day Hippie”……I am still a rock-solid Hippie and proud to say so.
    The only thing I can add to my journey, is now I have a raging burning hatred for our government and the social injustice they have inflicted upon people who are through no fault of their own struggle with their lives.
    This saddens me as it is against everything I believe in. we are being subjected to a vicious right-wing agender, and it makes me sad, but so angry.
    Sorry to rant at the end.
    Norman :)
    Love Peace and Light x

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