🧘‍♀️ Meditation 101: Tips For Those On The Go!

Meditating is a big component of mindfulness. It is what helps us reset our inner clock, find peace and sustain a positive mindset throughout even the toughest of times. 

Why Should You Meditate? 

  • To reduce stress and anxiety, and therefore the ageing process
  • To understand your pain
  • To connect with others and a higher power
  • To improve your focus and mental clarity
  • To increase your self-awareness
  • To get a better night’s sleep

But not everyone a place to lay a mat, a quiet environment and a distraction free zone on their hands. However, meditating doesn't always follow those stereotypes. It's not about making your mind quiet- it's about entering into the quiet that's already there. 

That's why today we're sharing 5 micro-meditations that you could easily do when you're on the go. 

  1. Take Control And Unclench: Take a moment to really understand your body. Where is the tension currently building? Identify your problem areas and send a little kindness their way.
  2. Focus On Your Breathing: Focus your full attention the the deep breaths you are taking. Let the air enter your nose, fill out your lungs and flow out again and relish in each sensation. 
  3. Find The Hum: Often described as a pleasant buzz of ‘aliveness’- locate the subtle humming sensation from deep within your body. This sensation can easily be first located in the hands or the feet.
  4. Let Your Space Inspire You: Meditating doesn’t require you to be in an absolute silent space. It’s about transporting yourself there. Take a conscious moment to shift your focus from all the tangible things surrounding you and transport yourself to the space existing peacefully between them.
  5. Realign Your Internal Axis: Allow yourself to be mindful. Mentally rearrange your body awareness so that you go from being fixed horizontally (on the ‘thens’ and ‘whens’) and let your axis move to being vertical (on the ‘right here, right now’)

It isn’t about having the time to meditate, it’s about making the time. Mindfulness can easily be achieved on the go. These 5 micro-meditations can help you centre and reset yourself- no matter where you are.

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