5 Simple Morning Rituals: Nourish Your Mind, Body And Soul

A morning ritual can often be described as sacred—a way of honoring something greater than yourself. Each morning is an opportunity to craft your day and to set the tone and the underlying theme for whatever comes your way next. Whether your morning rituals are about bringing yourself closer to God, the Universe, your inner Spirit or just an acknowledgement of a new day ahead, here are 5 different rituals you can practice to nourish your mind, body and spirit.


  1. Yoga & Meditation

Incorporating a short yoga or meditation practice into your daily routine, even as short as 10 minutes per day, can help you clear your mind and feel your best each morning. Make sure you are practicing in a space that feels open, sacred and inviting— this can be done simply by lighting a candle or bringing some fresh flowers into the room. Try sticking to one routine first to truly feel the benefits of mindfulness.


  1. Journaling

Journaling is an accessible, yet effective ritual that can help you clear your mind for the day. By simply putting pen to paper, you have the chance to discover your mantra for the day—a simple word or phrase that can set your intention for the day and be a focus point to give you clarity through all the challenges that may come your way. Try intentional journaling through prompts, 5-minute journals, through bullet points…


  1. Massage

There are a million and one ways to massage your body. Find one that speaks to you specifically and make it as quick, or as decadent, as you like. A full body, oiled-up, massage is ideally a beautiful ritual (which unfortunately is not easy on time), however you can also opt for a face massage, with special care for your third eye and ears. A foot massage is also another good focus point for stimulating your body.


  1. Making Tea

There is a beauty in starting your day with this practice. Making tea awakens all your senses, while forcing you to slow down. Mindfully choose your ingredients, wait for the water to boil, steeping the tea and inhaling the intoxicating smell while it simmers, and steeping the tea is a form of mediation, in it’s own right. Home-made tea is highly recommended.


  1. Drink Warm Water

Instead of having your coffee first thing in the morning, choose to have a glass of warm water with lemon/lime instead. Choosing to consume citrus water first thing in the morning will stimulate the gastrointestinal tract and also give you a boost of vitamins and minerals, which can also be beneficial for digestion as well.



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