Are You Taking Care Of Your Three Homes?

They say, you have three homes: your body, your mind and your earth. 

And what makes a home more than the love and care that you pour into it. Here are three different dimensions of self-care that you should be doing to take care of your three homes.


Your body and your health are one of the most important gifts that you come to appreciate more and more with age. Of course we're not saying you have to exercise vigorously everyday, however maintaining good healthy habits can go a long way.

  • Taking a walk after dinner or lunch 
  • Exercising 10 minutes a day 
  • Drinking more water
  • Incorporating a workout into your daily routine 
  • Eating more vegetables 
  • Taking vitamins and probiotics 
  • Getting better sleep


There's no Planet B, that's why it's up to us to save and protect it. The future is in our hands. There's often this mindset that no one person can change the world, however if we all work together to do our part, small as it is, it can truly make a difference.

  • Practising ethical consumerism. We have so much power to change the world simply by choosing what we buy, and where we buy from. 
  • Choose organic produce. As modern day hippies, consuming organic (and often home grown) is the best choice, both health wise and for the environment. 
  • Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Replenish. Restore
  • Slowly cutting out plastic from the household 
  • Starting a compost bin out in the yard. 


Your mind is often affected by the space around you: physical and digital. Nourishing your mind is about keeping your peace and maintaining your mental health.

  • Having a social media clear out. Negative people do not add anything to your journey of growth. Detox yourself from that energy. 
  • Have an offline day. 
  • Meditating once a day 
  • Journalling 


Unite your three homes and embrace the connection and good energy that flows when you care and allow yourself to be open to living mindfully. 

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