Being a Hippie Today

Long ago, the hippie culture had been on a sudden rise. However, not many believed it to be cool. Fortunately, the trend is now picking back up again and this time around, it is actually considered to be cool.

The reason why many youngsters may be adopting back the hippie lifestyle could be the overwhelmingly stressful lives we have today. While the excessive use of technology is overcoming the communication gap around the world, it is also apparently making people distant. On the other hand, we have social media, which has created the illusion that everyone’s life is perfect when it is actually not. The pretense can be exhausting to both carry on and watch on others.

As a result, more and more people want to disconnect from the digital world and become closer to what is natural. The hippie lifestyle allows people to connect with each other more emotionally and without judgment. It also offers freedom from the modern conventional norms like having a social media life, working on the go, owning the latest gadgets, and more.

However, the modern-day hippie may look a bit different than from they were in the beginning. For example, the modern hippie does not necessarily have to have long hair and taking recreational drugs. It is less about the appearance and more about the spirit.

Signs of a Modern Hippie

Here are a few signs visible in a modern hippie:

  •   The hippies of the current generation have a deep love for vintage. From clothes to furniture, they are likely to prefer old beauties than wasting too much money on new pieces. It is associated with their love for refurbishment
  •   Hippies are extremely kind at heart. In today’s busy lifestyles, we often don’t get to see prominent displays of kindness. But a modern-day hippie is likely to stop in the middle of the traffic to help some cats cross the road or volunteering at the local shelters
  •    While the modern world offers us plenty of luxuries, humans are openly abusing the natural resources. We are soon to run out of clean air and water if we continue at this pace. However, hippies of today can be found saving these resources as they go about daily life. Using less water, switching off unnecessary lights, and other similar acts are common
  •    When it comes to eating and drinking, the modern hippie will prefer organic. Their spirit does not allow them to abuse their bodies with harsh chemicals
  •    A love for nature is evident. Modern day hippies will be found caring extra for the animals and plants around them. They deeply respect their rights and will indulge in acts to save them from the harmful human impact

Hippies are general free-spirited people. Even today, hippies will question the conventional lifestyle but just in different manners from the past. You will find them very invested in everyday life but they are more likely to return to this world than always actively taking from it.

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