Happy 4th of July!


Happy pre- 4th of July!

Our country, in all its vast greatness, is the epitome of the land of freedom. While there is always room for improvement this year we should reflect on the wonderful country we live in and the strong values we stand for. We are a nation that is patriotic and proud.

At Flower Children, we, like you, will be taking the weekend off to join in with the nationwide festivities. Summer is in full gear and we’ll be hitting the beach, having a little barbecue and a small together with friends and family to really celebrate and appreciate this great and independent country we are a part of.



Whether it be concerts, family get-togethers or a little firework viewing, Flower Children have you covered. Slip into one of our organic, patriotic tees and celebrate this holiday to the fullest.

While this year is a little unprecedented, we must not forget to appreciate our freedoms and our little wins. Our energy and our love for America remains constant and unchanging. And no one (or thing) can take that away from us. Take this holiday to really appreciate your loved ones and the support system you have! And do it all while looking oh so cool in some of our favourite 4th of July looks!

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