Peace, Love, BBQ: Your Guide To A Summer Hippie Barbecue ✌️

Summer is well and truly on it’s way. The warm weather has got the team daydreaming over how we’d like to spend this Memorial Day with family and friends, cooking up a storm and soaking up the sun with a barbecue.
There’s just something so charming about cooking outdoors in the summer. The thing is, prepping for a barbecue can be one big feat. A decent BBQ needs coal, a designated chef flipping the meats, and a whole army of tasters, salad tossers and a good DJ behind them. It takes time, dedication and style to form the perfect weekend hippie BBQ!

The Prep:

Firstly, the barbecue itself. Personally, the team at Flower Children prefer the ones with a lid. And we only use charcoal briquettes (what’s a BBQ without that charred, smoky flavour?) We find the lid on the BBQ helps creates the perfect cooking technique by spreading the temperature and helping everything cook evenly. (Although pro tip: if you’re using a disposable BBQ, try your hand at laying some foil over the food as it cooks to trap the heat).
We suggest placing a cool box filled with ice and beer by the chef captaining the barbecue for the day. It’ll make them a lot happier, and by extension, the food a lot yummier.
We recommend cleaning your BBQ the good ol’ traditional way: lighting it up and waiting till it’s nice and hot before getting in there with a wire brush for quick clean that will ensure that you kill any remaining bacteria that the heat hasn’t already devoured.

What Meats Should You Go For?

The local supermarket is always the easiest option, however we recommend checking out your local butcher and supporting small businesses. We often find that our butchers always offer up perfect serving suggestions, as well as knowledge as to what’s in season and the perfect way to cook up a storm. We always get the best cuts and BBQ packs at our local butchers for a great price as well (as well as lot of laughter and good convo!) Skewers are always a crowd pleaser and you can get them done with pork, chicken or even lamb!

Hippies Love Their Organic Vegetables

  • Whole corn on the cob buttered, seasoned and wrapped up in foil cooks beautifully on the BBQ. Just don’t forget to keep the lid on to really get the flavors soaked up.
  • Peppers are one of the easiest things to get going on the BBQ. Just wash them and chuck straight onto the barbie. Once they get all wrinkly and charred on the outside then they’re done—they’ll be wonderfully sweet once you cut them up and serve!
  • Asparagus tossed in a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper. Super simple and absolutely delicious with that charred flavor.
  • Guacamole is a BBQ must! We like ours super simple with some ripe avos, diced onions, chopped baby tomatoes, cilantro, lime and a dash of salt and pepper to taste! This is the perfect dip paired with crackers or crisps!

The Drinks

Pimms are the perfect drink to have all through those hot Summer days. Serve with ice, berries, cucumbers and a hint of mint and you’ve got yourself a Summer staple! It also wouldn’t be a BBQ if you didn’t have cold beers on hand! Click on the image for a recipe link to our favorite Pinterest Pimms recipe!

The BBQ Outfit!

With the weather so hot (and the BBQ emitting that extra heat), you’ll want to be in clothing that is nice and cool. We recommend our classic T-Shirts made from 100% cotton so it’s nice and lightweight on (and not to mention super groovy!). Don’t forget to bring a hat and some sunblock!

Hippie Tunes To Get You In the Mood

It’s time to turn up the tunes of the Flower Power and what better way to get the party started than with a genre that took over the late 60s: rock! Discover 10 songs that belong in your hippie BBQ playlist today!
  1. Light My Fire – The Doors
  2. Purple Haze – Jimmy Hendrix
  3. Summertime Blues – Blue Cheer
  4. Strawberry Fields Forever – The Beatles
  5. Astronomy Domine – Pink Floyd
  6. She’s A Rainbow – The Rolling Stones
  7. Dark Star – The Grateful Dead
  8. Papa Was A Rolling Stone – The Temptations
  9. Eight Miles High – The Byrds
  10. Sunshine Superman – Donovan
Preparing for the perfect hippie barbecue doesn’t have to be hard! Good food, great company and a totally funky outfit, and you’re set! Let us know your thoughts and share your tips and tricks in the comments — we’d love to hear them! Stay safe and drink responsibly, hippies! ✌️


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