About Flower Children

Let Out Your Inner Hippie

We are living in a world where people get more and more divided. And where we experience

an immense pressure to perform and become more successful. But so many people loose

themselves and the true genuine relations to each other in all of this stress...

We at Flower Children want to promote a different lifestyle! A lifestyle where you allow yourself to

relax and experience the world around you. Where you are permitted to see the beauty in

nature and the people you surround yourself with.

We want to send a positive message to the world through our hippie inspired clothing and accessories.

A message of Love and Inclusion, not Indifference and Division!

The Hippie Culture — Our Fashion and Lifestyle Inspiration...

To us the hippie culture is about restoring that lost connection with nature and other people.

About rediscovering the values of community, togetherness, love, and kindness.

Hippie culture was born in a time before technology took over our lives. Where career aspirations

was secondary. And what was most important was real human interaction.

It was a time where gathering around a bonfire on a cool summer night enjoying the company

of friends, had not yet been replaced by generic Friday night TV- shows.

— Those are the roots that we are trying to unite with.

Our love for nature, and aspirations to bring more Peace, Love and Happiness into people’s lives,

is reflected in our designs. We mix powerful messages, vivid psychedelic colours, and floral

and natural motifs to create garments that combine vintage vibes with modern trends.

We cut our clothing from soft fabrics in a relaxed fit that lets you move freely and unrestricted.

That way you feel comfortable, and can enjoy the moment with the people around you.


We’re inspired by the greatest designer of all time; Nature herself!

We think nature gets its beauty from all its different and unique shapes and colours.

No two flowers look exactly the same, no two trees, clouds, or rocks are exactly identical.

We try to capture that idea in our apparel and accessories by putting out small batches of

designs in limited quantities. That way you can wear something different and unique and

express your individuality through your style.

And that is exactly what we encourage you to do; express your personality through fashion.

You don’t need to adopt a complete hippie style to wear a floral shirt or printed tee with a

strong message. You can incorporate those designs to bring an edge to your street style outfits.

Or add a dash of color to break up your urbane monochromatic looks. It’s all up to you.

Flower Children hippie wear is for everyone!

We want you to have the freedom to dress how you like. And to join people around the world

carrying the message of love and harmony, regardless of where they live and who they are.

If you are ready to let go of the desire to control and plan everything.

Ready to embrace people around you and be in the moment.

To take time to just experience the nature around you...

Then you will find ever changing and inspiring designs right here in our Hippie T Shirts.