Hippie Peace Love Design

I was at the Hippie Peace Love and Design store and saw this super-cute green, white and gold T shirt and green, white and purple T shirt on sale for 5% Off. I was on the fence about the colors and style, but I'm sure it will look really pretty with my green and brown belt. I ended up getting both of them and then the green and brown belt were on sale for 5% off too. I was so happy to save some money and I think they'll look really cool together. have been given the opportunity to blog about my new clothing company

At Hippie peace love design our tag line is Be a Hippie in a Modern World. We want to offer a variety of designs to fit a variety of moods. All of our clothes are made from GOTS certified organic cotton with a trendy cut and a classic but modern design.

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It is a really cool thing that my new clothing company is here to offer a selection of clothing that you will not find at any chain store. None of our clothing is from US , and all of our clothes are organic.

Here is a little sneak peek at what we have in store

54 itens

54 itens